Dan Hall started playing drums in 1965 when his older brother bought a drum kit. He played on these when his brother wasn't home since he didn't allow him to play his drums. Dan decided to take lessons along with his brother that same year. In 1969 Dan got his Ludwig drum kit for his 8th grade graduation. He played with many musicians for the next several years but couldn't find any with the devotion to play progressive rock to his satisfaction.

Dan was offered full time gigs with several established groups. However, he found playing with established groups required full time commitment. And playing the club circuit didn't pay well enough to pay the bills. At the time Dan was a full time union carpet installer.

He kept up playing at home for many years but upped his practice time when his youngest son took up the drums. Dan taught him and he picked it up very quickly. Within a year he was able to play like Dan but added some of the modern hard rock foot work. His son inspired Dan to up his playing.

Two years ago Dan joined Pipe Dream because of his love of music. Even though Pipe Dream doesn't play solely progressive rock, the combination of classic rock and progressive rock song choices are enough to keep Dan excited and challenged. Now that his 4 kids are out of college Dan can afford to play in a rock group. Dan plays both Ludwig acoustic and Roland digital drum kits, depending on the venue.